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RUNN 2015 Welcome Letter (PDF 56KB)

2015 Course Registration

2015 RUNN Speakers' Schedule

2015 RUNN Course Speakers Reading Lists

The Society of Neurological Surgeons/RUNN Resident Award Application Form

Recipients of the Society of Neurological Surgeons Research Awards / RUNN Course

 Welcome to Woods Hole (PDF)
 Directions to Woods Hole (PDF)
 Walking Map - Bus Stop to Swope Center
 Marine Biological Lab Campus Map (PDF)
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Annual Reports from Past Meetings

  • RUNN 2014 Annual Report (PDF 1.0MB)
  • RUNN 2013 Annual Report (PDF 1.0MB)
  • RUNN 2012 Annual Report (PDF 1.0MB)
  • RUNN 2011 Annual Report (PDF 1.0MB)
  • RUNN 2010 Annual Report (PDF 9.0MB)
  • RUNN 2009 Annual Report (PDF 9.0MB)
  • RUNN 2008 Annual Report (PDF 1.7MB)
  • RUNN 2007 Annual Report (PDF 1.7MB)
  • RUNN 2006 Annual Report (PDF 1.0MB)
  • RUNN 2005 Annual Report (PDF 3.7MB)
  • RUNN 2004 Annual Report (PDF 3.7MB)
  • RUNN 2003 Annual Report (PDF 3.7MB)
  • Future Meeting Dates

  • 2015 -- October 24-October 31
  • RUNN 2003 Course Resident Report
        by Dr. Lee Selznick
  • RUNN 2002 Annual Report (PDF 1.1MB)
  • RUNN 2002 Course Resident Report
        by Matthew Chang, MD, and Josh Medow, MD
  • RUNN 2002 Course Resident Report
        by Vini G. Khurana, MD, PhD
  • 2001 RUNN Annual Report (PDF 372KB)
  • Interview with RUNN Course Director Dr. Issam Awad
        with Rudolph Schrot (Neurosurgery resident, RUNN Course Attendee) -- 10/27/01
  • RUNN 2001 Course Resident Report -- includes photo gallery!
  • 2000 RUNN Annual Report (PDF 250KB)

        PDFs requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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