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The 'Senior Society' launches new web site!

The Society of Neurological Surgeons has launched an entirely redesigned website for both members and the public. The graphics and navigation for the site have been entirely updated and renewed. Information about the history, leadership and membership of the Society, neurosurgical residency and fellowship positions, and sponsored educational programs, remains available on public portions of the site.

Extensive new information has been added in the members only area, which is also accessible to neurological surgery Program Directors and Administrators. This includes an educational "toolkit" for Program Directors, which contains curricular materials, important educational links, and an interactive discussion area. The scientific and educational content of Society annual meetings and other important forums are also available in the members only area.


June - July 2010: New additions to the Senior Society website!

  1. Documents covering the new duty hours proposal from the ACGME are located in the Topics area of the password protected portion of the SNS website.

  2. A duty hours chat string has been initiated in the discussion area of the Toolkit site. Please log in and add your comments about the proposals.

  3. A new area has been created in the public pages of the SNS website to house the Society's bylaws and other policies. In addition to the Bylaws, this area now houses the AANS-CNS joint policy on conflict of interest, which has also been endorsed by the SNS Council.

  4. Extensive information and background materials from the SNS PGY1 Resident Fundamental Skills 'Bootcamp' have been posted in a new section within the Toolkit
    ('Tools' area).

SNS Launches National Course for Entering PGY1 Neurosurgery Residents

The SNS has designed and implemented a national course for all incoming PGY1 Neurosurgery Residents in the United States. The course will be held in 6 regional centers and staffed by SNS appointed faculty from residency programs around the country. Over 90% of all U.S. Residency programs and incoming PGY1 residents will participate in the course.

The SNS PGY1 Neurosurgery Resident Course (known as the Neurosurgery 'Bootcamp') will focus on fundamental skills, patient safety, professionalism, and communications. With equipment loaned and donated by 6 corporate sponsors, neurosurgical faculty will lead intensive hands on exercises oriented to fundamental bedside procedural and operative skills. These exercises have been designed to allow residents to familiarize themselves with the basics in an educational and risk free environment. Skills relevant to all PGY1 residents, such as line placement and suturing, as well as specific neurosurgical skills, such as drilling and craniotomy, will be covered.

The 2010 SNS National 'Bootcamp' Course curriculum has been designed based on input from faculty and learners who participated in local and regional pilot courses at Oregon Health & Science University, Loyola University, and other centers around the United States in 2009.

New material for 'Bootcamp' Course Directors and Residency Program Directors involved with the 2010 course has been posted in the SNS Program Directors Toolkit online.

New Materials at Program Directors' Toolkit:

Please see an updated version of the medical student recruitment letter, to help attract the best and brightest to neurosurgery residency programs around the country. Also added is a CMS document outlining best practices for resident documentation and billing practices for clinical care delivered in a teaching setting.

Major Nurosurgery Response To IOM Duty Hours Report

The response of organized neurosurgery, led by a working group from the Senior Society and with representation from every major educational organization in neurosurgery, is detailed in a series of documents now posted in the Topics area of the SNS Website (use your 'MyAANS' username and password to log in). A summary report and table from the Institute of Medicine, plus responses from organized medicine, are also posted. Please join in to the ongoing chat string about this topic in the Program Director’s Toolkit chat area.

NINDS Announces New Training Grant for Research Education During Residency

NINDS has just announced a new funding opportunity to foster the development of neuroscience researchers through creative and innovative educational programs - an R25 entitled The National Institute on Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Research Education grant. It can be found on the NIH OER website as RFA-NS-09-001.

These research education grants will create an opportunity for medical residents and fellows to participate in an intensive 9 to 24 months of mentored research education experience during residency and fellowship years. This opportunity will include the necessary training for successful competition for independent mentored research awards and will facilitate the transition from fellow/resident to clinician-scientist. In addition to laboratory research skills, participants in the program will develop the critical skills necessary to design and conduct research experiments and write competitive grant applications.

The applications are due September 10.

Senior Society Issues Guidelines for Residency Program Interviews

The Society of Neurological Surgeons Match Committee and Council have issued guidelines for the scheduling, funding and conduct of interview visits by applicants to residency programs. These important guidelines are now available online as part of the Program Directors' Toolkit in the members area of the SNS Website.

AAMC FindAResident Website Available for Neurosurgery Applicants

The AAMC website "FindAResident" ( assists residents and Programs in filling vacant positions that are open between match/scramble cycles.  As part of the switch by Neurosurgery to the National Resident Matching Program (, "FindAResident" is now available to neurosurgery applicants and programs. Registration instructions are available at the site.



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