Guy  L.  Odom, MD
Senior: 1971
Secretary-Treasurer: 1959-1963
President: 1970-1971
Distinguished Service Award: 1978


GUY LEARY ODOM was born in Harvey, Louisiana, May 20, 1911, the son of Dr. Guy L. Odom and Marion Brown Odom. He did his undergraduate training at Tulane University and received his M.D. degree from Tulane Medical School in 1933.

He received his neurological, neuropathological and neurosurgical training at the Montreal Neurological Institute (1937-1943); and, progressively, Associate, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor of Neurosurgery at Duke University School of Medicine. He served as Chairman of the Division of Neurosurgery at Duke (1960-1976) and retired from Duke in 1981.

His special interests in neurosurgery were cerebral vascular lesions, brain tumors and neuropathology. He established a research and teaching laboratory in neuropathology at Duke in 1945. A brain tumor clinic was also formed as a teaching project and to follow all brain tumor patients.

He was active in major neurosurgical organizations, serving as President of the Society of Neurological Surgeons, American Academy of Neurological Surgeons, American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Southern Neurological Society. He served as Secretary-Treasurer of the American Board of Neurological Surgery (1964-1969) and Chairman (1969-1971). He is a member of the American Surgical Association.

He served on the Advisory Board for Medical Specialties; National Advisory Neurological Diseases and Stroke Council; Medical Advisory Board of National Paraplegia Foundation and National Institute of Neurological Diseases.

His honors include Member, Alpha Omega Alpha; Distinguished Service Awards, American Academy of Neurological Surgery, Society of Neurological Surgeons, American Board of Neurological Surgery, and in 1977 he received the Distinguished Teaching Award, Duke Medical Alumni Association. In 1974 he was appointed James B. Duke Professor of Neurosurgery. An endowed chair, the Guy L;. Odom Professorship in Neurological Surgery was established at Duke University School of Medicine in 1981. He was recipient of the Harvey Cushing Medal of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. He was an Honorary Member of the Canadian Society of Neurosciences.

Dr. Odom married on August 19, 1933, to Suzanne Price of San Antonio, Texas. She died on November 27, 1965. They were parents of threechildren: Dr. Guy L. Odom, Jr., Linda Odom Cook, and Carolyn Odom Little, and eight grandchildren. Dr. Odom married Mataline Nye Council on December 29, 1967 who died on July 9, 1994. He now has three step-children: Mrs. E.L. Kittrell Smith, John Thomas Council, and Commodore Thomas Council, III.

Dr. Odoms hobbies are flower gardening, fishing, and golf.

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