Subspecialty Training & Fellowships (CAST)

CAST Structure

The Committee on Advanced Subspecialty Training (CAST) is responsible for the development and updating of training requirements for both advanced subspecialty fellowships (accreditation) and individual advanced subspecialty trainees (certification/recognition of focused practice) beyond those of the core neurosurgery residency. CAST is working with the ABNS to establish the criteria and mechanisms by which neurosurgeons completing a CAST approved fellowship program will receive recognition of their focused practice in that subspecialty area and maintain their status via a continued recognition process thereafter. The Committee is also working with the ACGME and neurosurgery RRC so as to maintain communication and continuity between those issues distinguishing core residency from advanced subspecialty training.

CAST is comprised of a Chair, a Secretary/Treasurer, and five additional members. Other adhoc members will be added as needed. Terms of service will be for three years with one renewal option for a maximum term of six years, staggered among the members.

CAST members and leaders are appointed by the SNS Executive Council, with representatives selected from the active SNS membership roster. Current or past members of the RRC for Neurological Surgery and the American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS) are desirable experiences so as to provide familiarity with the principles of the accreditation and certification process of training programs and individuals. The CAST Chair attends the SNS Council meetings for the purpose of communicating CAST deliberations and facilitating Council oversight of CAST activities.

CAST maintains close communications with the Neurosurgery Sections in the establishment of fellowship-level subspecialty training program requirements. Fellowship Review Committees, appointed in conjunction with Section leadership, assist CAST in reviewing accreditation and certification applications and establishing practice standards. Considerations for FRC participation include, but are not restricted to, membership in the SNS, past or present Section leadership activities, and experience as a director of an existing fellowship


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